Feeling Great when Blood2all.org made it Possible

Last evening, a news broke out in my office that one of my senior colleagues was suffering from Dengue, had severe loss of platelets, was admitted to hospital and was in urgent requirement of A+ Blood Platelets. The hospital in which he was admitted asked for an immediate donor. “Immediate” meant an hour! Rain God was on full mood that evening! Somebody reaching the Hospital from a distant place in next one hour amidst the rain and beautiful Bangalore traffic was tough. Panic broke out in my office. HR opened the list of employees to find out a donor within the Company. Some started asking out their relatives and friends. Some started finding from online blood donors group. I called my relative Kishore Patwardhan, who runs a non-profit organization called Blood2all.org. Minutes later, calls started pouring in! My colleagues relative’s maid said she was ready to donate. Another colleague’s friend’s Boss said a yes. 2 other people called in through blood2all. A colleague’s friend was an “okay, I am ready”! My sister and bro-in law said yes! Meanwhile, few employees of the Company were contacted who just rushed to the hospital without a question. Hours later, we get a call affirming that the “blood donation” went on smooth and everything was under control. This didn’t stop here! People who were ready to donate blood, the maid, someone’s boss, someone’s friend, someone’s relative, someone’s nobody, who were told “no, thank you” called in again to check if there was further requirement of blood. This really amazed me! Humanity stands at utmost position even when money and greed is racing like an Olympic athlete! M.K Gandhi once said, “You must not lose faith in humanity. It is an ocean, if few drops are dirty, the ocean doesn’t become dirty” Profound gratitude and applause to all those people who came forward to help who was “nobody” to you. People like you make this world even more beautiful place to live in — feeling thankful.Medha Gokhale