After Donation

“Enjoy the experience and good feeling that comes with knowing that you may have saved some life”

You can resume full activity as long as you feel well. Just avoid lifting, pushing or picking up heavy objects for at least 24 hours after giving blood.

After donating, drink lots of fluids for the next 72 hours.

The donor should eat full meals just few hours after blood donation as the food taken helps in rebuilding the volume of iron levels, red blood cells and plasma.

If for any reason something doesn't feel right, call the your family Doctor  or Blood2all help desk immediate.

After donation, your blood will be tested for blood type, hepatitis, HIV (the AIDS virus), HTLV (Human T–cell Lymph tropic Virus), and Syphilis. Then it can be used either as whole blood for one patient or, after separation into components, to help several patients.


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