About Us

Blood2All is an effort to create a junction where all the like minded people who wish to serve the society in its need for blood requirement meet and do there good. Blood 2 all is creating more blood relation in ite efforts

Blood2all is an nonprofit making organization, Person behind this movement, this blood 2 all organization is a brain of Mr. Kishore Patwardhan, a reputed social renowned businessmen from Bangalore (INDIA). Mr. Patwardhan has spent lot of his time in traveling and trying to understand people and country. He believes in one can get more satisfaction when he donates his time to development of society and his people.

Mr. Patwardhan believes in to do something worldwide as he doesn’t believe in the boundaries. Finally I feel very proud after executing my dream project. I thank to all people who ever supported directly or indirectly with this site and also those who have been associated in this cause.

When we have no time for even ourselves today, then there are some peoples who always thinking about society. Yes! They are Blood 2 all People who wish to create more blood relations around the world.

“Vasudaiva Kutumabam”

In Indian Culture we have this concept called “Vasudaiva Kutumabam” existing since from thousands of years back. Yes when believe in Vasudaiva Kutumabam why we can’t share the blood and save life?

Blood 2 all objects

  • To create more blood relations and to see no death will happen due to lack of Blood.
  • Each city/ Village should have one volunteer in this country.
  • Needy should get blood with No time.


In 5 years collect 100000 donors information Conducting blood awareness camps We are sure that every Indian would associate themselves with this mission and make this country more committed towards society.