About Blood Donation

DONOR is expected to be honest about his or her health history and current condition

Who Can Donate Blood

    • Any healthy adult, both male and female, can donate blood.
    • Men once in every 3 months and women once in every 4 months.
    • Good health of the donor must be fully ensured.

The universally accepted criteria for donor selection are:

    • Age between 18 and 55 years.
    • Hemoglobin : not less than 12.5 g/dL.
    • Pulse : between 50 and 100/minute with no irregularities.
    • Blood Pressure : Systolic 90 : 180 mm Hg and Diastolic 50 : 100 mm Hg.
    • Temperature : Normal (oral temperature not exceeding 37.5 degree C).
    • Body weight : not less than 46 Kg.

Please do not give blood if you

    • Cold / fever in the past 1 week.
    • Have used narcotic drugs by intravenous route (injecting directly in the vein), even once.
    • If you are suffering from conditions like hemophilia, thalassemia or any other blood disorder.
    • Had a positive antibody test for HIV (AIDS virus).
    • If you are a commercial sex worker.
    • Have had hepatitis any time after your eleventh birthday.
    • Have multiple sclerosis.
    • If ever had myocardial infarction, coronary artery bypass surgery.
    • Have had a stroke.
    • Have had cancer.
    • Females should not donate blood during pregnancy.

Type of Vaccine

    • Hepatitis B- 6 months
    • Live vaccines- 2 weeks
    • The period in which donation should be avoided.
    • Rabies- 1 year
    • Killed vaccines- 48 Hours

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